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    Miniature circuit breaker, abbreviated as MCB in the electrical industry, is suitable for overload and short-circuit protection of AC 50/60hz lines with rated voltage of 230/400v and rated current of 63A. It can also be used for infrequent operation and conversion of lines under normal conditions.
    Residual current protection device (RCD for short in the electrical industry), also known as "leakage switch", is a kind of protection appliance that detects the magnitude of phase line earth leakage or electric shock current in the protected power grid, and acts as an action tripping signal to complete the action tripping task. In the low-voltage power grid equipped with leakage protectors, under normal circumstances, the phase line to ground leakage current of the power grid (unbalanced leakage current in the three-phase power grid) is small and cannot reach the operating current value of the leakage protectors, so the leakage protectors do not operate.
    In case of leakage or personal electric shock and other faults in the protected power grid, when the current of the detection element through the leakage protector reaches its leakage or electric shock action current value, the leakage protector will give an action tripping command to make the main circuit switch controlled by it act to trip and cut off the power supply, so as to complete the task of leakage or electric shock protection. RCD has overload and short-circuit protection functions, which can be used to protect the overload and short-circuit of lines or motors, and can also be used for infrequent switching and starting of lines under normal conditions.
    Both play the role of line overload protection. Miniature circuit breaker is the on-off switch that controls the electrical circuit. If air is used as the arc extinguishing medium, it is called air switch. Generally, the rated current (load) is used as the main switch of the electrical circuit. The leakage switch integrates overload, short circuit and leakage protection and can be installed independently, which is equivalent to leakage protector plus miniature circuit breaker or leakage accessories plus miniature circuit breaker.
    The price of ABB miniature circuit breaker is reminded by the manufacturer. It can be simply understood that when a miniature circuit breaker has leakage protection function, it is called leakage protection switch. If it is an electrical device only used for leakage protection, it is called leakage protector.
    This is the content analysis of the similarities and differences between miniature circuit breaker and residual current protection circuit breaker. You can follow our website www.jntongyu Com for more information about this device.

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