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    Wiring terminal is an accessory product used to realize electrical connection, which belongs to connector in industry. With the continuous improvement of industrial automation and the increasingly strict and precise requirements of industrial control, the demand for wiring terminals is gradually increasing. With the rapid development of the electronic industry, the use of wiring terminals is becoming more and more extensive and diversified.
    The plastic insulating materials and conductive parts of the terminal are directly related to the quality of the terminal, which determine the insulation and conductivity of the terminal respectively. The failure of any terminal will lead to the failure of the whole system engineering. Needless to say, there are not many warning cases listed here.
    In order to ensure the quality and reliability of the terminal and prevent the occurrence of relevant faults, it is recommended to study and formulate corresponding screening technical requirements according to the technical conditions of the product, and carry out the following fault prevention reliability inspection. For example:
    In electrical equipment, it is often found that individual core crimping wires are not delivered in place, or cannot be locked after delivery, and the contact is unreliable. The reason is that the screw teeth of individual mounting holes have burrs or dirt. Especially when using the last few mounting holes installed on the plug and socket when leaving the factory, if defects are found, the crimping wires in other installed holes must be removed one by one and the socket must be replaced.
    In addition, due to the improper selection of wire diameter and crimping aperture, or the incorrect operation of crimping process, it will also cause the accident that the crimping end is not firm. Therefore, before the finished products leave the factory, the manufacturer shall thoroughly test all the mounting holes of the delivered plug (seat) samples, that is, use the loading and unloading tool to simulate the wire with pin or Jack in place and check whether it can be locked. Check the drawing force of each crimping wire according to the technical requirements of the product.
    Phoenix contact terminal manufacturer reminds you that if there is no reliable terminal, there is no reliable system engineering. Prevention and analysis are essential processes for every enterprise. Through the reliability screening of terminal blocks, various fault modes and fault mechanisms are found. It can analyze a large number of experiences and lessons, eliminate various hidden dangers, and provide scientific research for improving design, process, inspection and use.
    The basis is an important basis for modifying and formulating the technical conditions of the wharf, and provides technical support for preventing unnecessary losses. For more information about terminals, please visit www.midasfea.com Com consultation!

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