Most Common Medical Conditions That We Encounter

By Ryan Jensen | Medical Conditions

Mar 19

We offer full confidentiality to our patients, and that is something that attracts a lot of people who have to deal with issues that might attract unwanted attention. The privacy we offer means that your boss or your husband or wife won’t know about the problem you had to deal with. Now, here are some common problems that we encounter and that we are fully capable of dealing with.

Male issues that we deal with

Male issues that we deal withErectile dysfunction is a  problem for men older than fifty years, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t happen to younger people. If you don’t want someone to find out about this then contact our pharmacists and us will prescribe you a cure for your problem. We prescribe Viagra and some other tablets (Cialis, Levitra) that cost less than the “magic pill.”

Premature ejaculation can ruin a perfectly great night, and it can even endanger the whole relationship. Just contact us, and our pharmacists will prescribe you the Priligy, medication that will give you a chance to lead a healthy sexual life. Our confidentiality system will ensure that no one finds out about the problem you face.

Propecia and RegaineWe can also prescribe Propecia and Regaine for people that deal with hair loss. The first one is a long-term solution that will slow down and eventually prevent further loss of hair while the second one is the more short-term solution. Regaine won’t work on everyone as studies shown that it works in 3 out of 5 subjects only.

Female problems and how we deal with them

Women also encounter medical problems that are embarrassing to share, and their boss can easily find out about them if they go to their doctor who will prescribe medications for it. One of the problems is the facial hair. It can represent a real issue for women who care for their looks and out solution for this is Vaniqa cream. Seven out of ten women find this cream helpful in less than 20 weeks while other three out of ten women experience positive effects after 24 weeks.

The worst thing that can happen to women is to have to deal with menstruation during an important business event. That won’t be a problem if you contact us as we can prescribe Norethisterone tablets. They can delay the menstrual period up to 17 days without any side-effects. This can help a business woman to do her business without the fear of having to deal with menstruation during a meeting that might decide her future.

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If you have problems that you don’t want to share with your family or boss, then we are a right choice for you because we offer full confidentiality for all of our clients. We will prescribe medications and give an opinion, and none of that will reach your family or your company.