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    Terminal material problems
    The composition of the terminal is relatively simple. It consists of a piece of metal (usually copper) sealed in insulating plastic. There are holes at both ends to insert wires, or there are screws for fastening / loosening.
    In general, the aging speed of copper parts is relatively slow, and they are also coated with metal in the process of processing! If the copper parts are blackened, it may be a chemical reaction - oxidation. The reason is that the electroplating and protection links in the processing process are not done well; Secondly, the copper material does not exist (copper parts contain iron). If Brown substances are found in the copper rust, it means that there are iron impurities in it.
    Solution: the wiring terminals of regular manufacturers shall be purchased to prevent the copper parts of the wiring terminals from rusting.
    External factors of terminal
    There are usually two reasons for this external situation. One is that the aging speed of copper parts is very fast under high or low temperature. The other is that excessive current will cause the wiring terminal to heat up, which will damage its insulation layer and protective layer, and also aggravate the aging speed of the terminal.
    Solution: in the case of environmental cases, we can consider adding protective covers or plastic covers to the wiring terminals.
    In case of excessive current, regular inspection is required here. In case of heating and scalding of the wiring terminal, the cause shall be eliminated in time, so as to prolong the service life of the wiring terminal.
    The causes and solutions of the above terminal copper parts rusting, I hope to help you! For more information about terminals and other products, you can follow our website www.jntongyu Com to inquire about!

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