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    The miniature circuit breaker is composed of fixed and movable AC contactors connected to the transmission line. Electrolytic copper or silver aluminum alloy shall be used for metal materials or energized parts, depending on the rated current of the disconnector. When the contact point or load is separated under short-circuit fault conditions, an arc will be generated. All modern designs solve the kinetic energy obtained in the process of arc interruption, arc and arc separation device through water-cooled metal plate materials. There is an insulating layer to keep the metal plate in place. In addition, the arc passing through the flow channel appears in the middle of the main circuit breaker to force the arc.
    Most magnetic field trip devices consist of composite magnetic system software. The system software is equipped with spring-loaded buffer with magnetic elastic plug in silicon hydrodynamics, and all magnetic jumps are normal. The current carrying coil in the jumper moves towards the fixed pole relative to the spring. Therefore, when the electromagnetic coil generates enough electromagnetic field, magnetic resistance will be generated on the tensile liver. In the case of short-circuit fault or light load, the strong magnetic field caused by the solenoid (solenoid), regardless of its position in the buffer, will attract the synchronous motor in the jumper liver.
    The thermal release is composed of a pair of miniature circuit breakers closely surrounding the metal strip electric heater. The metal strip electric heater is wound with an electromagnetic coil to make the heat flow according to the current of the easy flowing electric heater. The bimetallic sheet in which the electric flow can be designed immediately, so as to endanger the part of the power circuit, and wrap the electromagnetic coil or indirect current carrying conductor in the bimetallic sheet. The rigidity of the bimetallic strip then trips the intestinal tissue under certain loading conditions.
    Bimetallic strips are made of two different metal materials, copper and steel. This metal material is riveted and welded along its length. The overall design of the metal makes it difficult for them to easily heat the steel plate to all normal current trip points. However, if the current exceeds the rated current, the steel strip will be heated, bent and tripped. Select the bimetallic strip for the special load and display the special delay time.
    Someone asked how about the price of ABB miniature circuit breaker? Here, it should be clear that the prices of various manufacturers will vary, but if they are separated from the market price, they will have to choose after three or four. For more information on key contents, you can follow our website www.midasfea.com Com consulting!

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