Nov 14

7 things that lead to high level of cholesterol in the body

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Cholesterol is a dense, waxy substance that is used by the body to perform vital functions like producing vitamin D and various hormones. Excess cholesterol in the bloodstream can contribute to serious health complications such as heart ailments, atherosclerosis and stroke. People with high cholesterol will not show any symptoms until they develop related health problems.

When cholesterol combines with proteins, it forms two types of lipoproteins called low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL). The latter is considered as good cholesterol since it helps to move cholesterol from various body cells to the liver where it’s broken down or excreted as a waste product.

LDL, on the other hand, helps to supply cholesterol to the body cells. It is considered as bad cholesterol since it can promote plaque buildup in the arteries raising the risks of heart problems and damages to the blood vessels. A health practitioner can carry out a blood test to check the levels of HDL and LDL. These are the main reasons why people have high cholesterol levels.

Consuming unhealthy meals

People consuming unhealthy meals, especially those rich in saturated fats, are usually at higher risks of being affected by high cholesterol. These include food products like butter, meat, egg yolk, cheese, dairy products, fries, crackers and cookies. Such products will contribute to high levels of low-density lipoproteins. The European countries are the highest cholesterol levels. In a country with high cholesterol level most people suffer from obesity and high blood pressure


Smoking lowers the HDL and cause damages to the blood vessels. It increases the cholesterol level.

Diabetes and hypertension

Is someone has diabetes or hypertension then it is likely that the person will have high levels of cholesterol.

Not exercising regularly

Exercise keeps people healthy. If you don’t exercise regularly then your cholesterol level won’t be under control.


If someone in your family has high cholesterol level then there is high chance that you will have it too.

Overweight problems such as obesity

People who are overweight don’t follow a healthy diet. They also don’t do exercise regularly. These cause the cholesterol level to increase.


High cholesterol level is a common problem for people who are more than 45 years of age. So, if you fall in that age group, then you may have high cholesterol level.

In diagnosing high cholesterol, your health practitioner will carry out a blood test referred to as lipid profile. This will help to establish the levels of LDL, HDL, total cholesterol and triglycerides. You should avoid taking any foods or beverages for up to 12 hours before the test is done. There are people who should be going for regular tests including those with diabetes and obesity.

In mild cases, high cholesterol can be managed by making some lifestyle changes. If you are affected, you should switch to a healthy diet that should be rich in whole grain cereals, fruits, vegetables, non-fat dairy products and fish. Other effective changes that you should make include:

  • Exercising regularly to keep fit
  • Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake
  • Losing weight especially if you are obese

Adopting a new lifestyle can be a challenge, but you can realize some positive results by switching gradually. There are cases where the doctor may prescribe medications to lower your cholesterol levels. These include statins, cholesterol absorption inhibitors, bile-acid-binding resins and injections.

People showing no symptoms can easily manage high cholesterol by making healthy lifestyle choices and a follow-up may not be necessary. However, it is important for those with underlying health problems like diabetes to visit their doctors after completing the prescribed medications. This will also apply to persons with health complications resulting from high cholesterol.

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Nov 02

What are the symptoms and diagnosis of Athlete’s Foot?

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It is estimated that about 70% people are likely to get athlete’s foot in their lives at least once. Though the name is related to sports, this infection doesn’t only occur to sportsmen. Elderly people are more likely to suffer from athlete’s foot. It is also seen in young children. Athlete’s foot happens when your feet stay in a confined damp space for a long time. So, if you are wearing tight shoes and socks for a long time, then your feet sweat and if it stays in this condition for a long time, you will have athlete’s foot. If you leave this condition untreated, then the infection will spread to the other parts of the body. It can become painful as pus will develop and you may see yellow crust as well.

Symptoms of athlete’s foot

Symptoms of athlete’s foot include itching, blisters, cracking, peeling, etc. You may also have discolored and thick toenails. Your toenails are likely to pull away from your nail bed. You may notice the dry skin on the sides of the feet and on the soles.

Diagnosis of athlete’s foot

Sometimes, the doctor can just look at your feet and tell that it’s athlete’s foot. But in other cases, a proper diagnosis should be done in order to confirm the condition. The doctor will take skin scrapings from the infected part and look at it under the microscope to determine whether it’s athlete’s foot or not. Sometimes, the sample needs to be sent to the laboratory for further testing. The doctor may do a culture of the fungal cell and examine what the infection is.

In order to treat athlete’s foot, first, you will need to get rid of such environment where there is a possibility of fungi growth. You should make sure that your feet are not in a warm and damp environment. So, you should wear comfortable shoes and change your socks often so that it doesn’t get damp with sweat. You should avoid walking barefoot on damp areas like near swimming pool areas, or shower areas. You shouldn’t share towels or socks with others.You should use talcum powder always and keep your feet dry. You will find various ointments, sprays, and creams in the market and these are great for treating athlete’s foot. You can take prescribed medicines as well. It is always recommended that you do a proper diagnosis of the condition before starting your treatment. This way you will recover faster.



Mar 19

Most Common Medical Conditions That We Encounter

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We offer full confidentiality to our patients, and that is something that attracts a lot of people who have to deal with issues that might attract unwanted attention. The privacy we offer means that your boss or your husband or wife won’t know about the problem you had to deal with. Now, here are some common problems that we encounter and that we are fully capable of dealing with.

Male issues that we deal with

Male issues that we deal withErectile dysfunction is a  problem for men older than fifty years, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t happen to younger people. If you don’t want someone to find out about this then contact our pharmacists and us will prescribe you a cure for your problem. We prescribe Viagra and some other tablets (Cialis, Levitra) that cost less than the “magic pill.”

Premature ejaculation can ruin a perfectly great night, and it can even endanger the whole relationship. Just contact us, and our pharmacists will prescribe you the Priligy, medication that will give you a chance to lead a healthy sexual life. Our confidentiality system will ensure that no one finds out about the problem you face.

Propecia and RegaineWe can also prescribe Propecia and Regaine for people that deal with hair loss. The first one is a long-term solution that will slow down and eventually prevent further loss of hair while the second one is the more short-term solution. Regaine won’t work on everyone as studies shown that it works in 3 out of 5 subjects only.

Female problems and how we deal with them

Women also encounter medical problems that are embarrassing to share, and their boss can easily find out about them if they go to their doctor who will prescribe medications for it. One of the problems is the facial hair. It can represent a real issue for women who care for their looks and out solution for this is Vaniqa cream. Seven out of ten women find this cream helpful in less than 20 weeks while other three out of ten women experience positive effects after 24 weeks.

The worst thing that can happen to women is to have to deal with menstruation during an important business event. That won’t be a problem if you contact us as we can prescribe Norethisterone tablets. They can delay the menstrual period up to 17 days without any side-effects. This can help a business woman to do her business without the fear of having to deal with menstruation during a meeting that might decide her future.

Mar 19

We Are The Best Online Pharmacy In The UK

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The internet is a dangerous place that is full of fake companies that try to earn money through elaborate scans. The online pharmacy world is similar as many sites represent fake organizations that don’t sell or provide any service or they sell stuff that can lead to medical problems.

 We are a legitimate company, and we have proof of that. Read through this post and you will realize what makes us the best online pharmacy on the market.

Differences between scammers and us

  The most important thing that divides those scammers and us, is the fact that we are a regulated organization. This means that we passed through rigorous tests and fulfilled all conditions to provide online pharmaceutical services. This also means that we work with certified doctors (a thing that fake companies don’t do) that can diagnose you and prescribe correct medicine for your condition.Differences between scammers and us

    The medicine our pharmacists prescribe is the same medicine you can find at your local pharmacy. The only difference is the price as we work with some excellent insurance companies which allow us to reduce the cost of overly priced medications. The difference in price isn’t large, but you will save money in the long run. You might find a cheaper medicine that some online pharmacy sites offer, but that medicine is probably toxic for your health because it was produced in conditions that don’t match standard practice.

   More about what we offerThere aren’t a lot of online pharmacy companies that are regulated as we are. Only half a dozen of us meet the standards that allow us to prescribe medications and give advice concerning medical issues. Even though we sell medicine, it doesn’t mean that we produce them. On the contrary, we are just an intermediate between you (patient) and a brick-and-mortar pharmacy.

More about what we offer

   We won’t promise you miraculous medicine that will cure all diseases because we don’t prescribe or sell fairytales. We won’t sell you strong medicine that can have severe side-effects because we can’t come to your house and monitor the effects it has on you. This means that we only prescribe a so-called low toxicity medications that have no side-effects. If our pharmacist decides that you need stronger medications, then they will tell you to go to a doctor who will prescribe it and monitor the healing process.

   If you came to us with an intention to obtain prescription medicine that you don’t need, then you will get disappointed because we aren’t that kind of business. We are a legal company that doesn’t want to break the law and risk being closed down just because we wanted to make an illegal sale of medications.